More Than A Job: Home Care For A Mom With Alzheimer's Disease

Celina Raddatz worked in eldercare for over 30 years, until her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and she quit her job to take care of her. Now Raddatz works as a paid caregiver for her mother.

Produced for NPR's Weekend All Things Considered, aired March 18, 2018. View full story here.

NPR's Alexi Horowitz Ghazi contributed to this report.


Celina Raddatz and her mother, Guadalupe Pena Villegas, at home in California.

Photo by Xavier Vasquez/NPR


A Story Retold

Selvanaikee (57) has been living on tea plantations in the Central Province of Sri Lanka her entire life. A devote Hindu, Selvanaikee loves to tell the stories of her faith to the children in her village, Logiwatta, to keep tradition alive. Here she tells an excerpt from the Ramayana, an ancient Hindu epic and one of the first mentions of Sri Lanka in folklore.


Olga Stern – Hacking for Gender Equality

Every five years since 1995, the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) publishes a report tracking the representation of women in national and world media. Although an important tool for observing world trends in gender inequality, the GMMP report is less helpful to publications looking to improve gender coverage within their organizations while tracking their progress in real time.

Olga Stern, a self-taught programmer and systems engineer from Stockholm, Sweden, has created a program specifically to fulfill this need. The program, Genews, is a gender-tracking algorithm that allows media organizations to chart their gender coverage from day to day.

In this episode of Crossings Radio, Franziska Monahan speaks with Stern about her invention during the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day events in Helsinki, Finland.

Photo by Riikka Kajander


Maxine David: Words, Relatives and Relatability 

Maxine David is a second year political science major and member of the University of Oregon Poetry Slam. In her poetry, Maxine tackles the complicated relationships that exist between family members and generations with the aim of creating a product that each of her listeners can find a piece of themselves in.


Erin's Story

Erin Murphy is a sophomore at the University of Oregon. She has been struggling with mental illness since high school. This is the story of her journey to find ways to cope with her mental health and overcome obstacles to get treatment. This story contains descriptions of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

This story was produced and reported by Franziska Monahan and Braedon Kwiecien. Music by Podington Bear.


Obruni Goes to School

It's time for school in Accra, Ghana and today the students are the teachers.